Thursday, 16 December 2010

Iron Dolls

"Learn The SECRET To The Female Bodybuilding Diet To Build Sexy Muscle And Burn Fat Like A Furnace"...

Does Karen Sessions Reveal Female Natural Bodybuilding Secrets?

If you want to get that perfect body; you have to work at it. And becoming a bodybuilder with defined muscles won't happen like magic. Also, fat doesn't magically burn away by itself. Wishing these things won't make it happen. You will have to reach deep down inside yourself for motivation and focus to bring everything home, and only then; you will get that awesome body of a bodybuilder.Karen Sessions ... MsFit
That is what I have learned from the muscle building book for women called, appropriately enough, Iron Dolls. The author is a fitness expert and a successful female bodybuiler by the name of Karen Sessions. This book is about natural bodybuilding and nutrition plays a big part in it.
Karen Sessons wrote this book for all levels of female bodybuilders. Whether you are a beginner or a more experienced bodybuilder, Karen has you covered. And there are lots of reasons why a woman would be interested in this ebook: You could be a competitive bodybuilder or might be interrested in more muscle definition and a healthier lifestyle.
Karen Session points out that you should accept your body and the results you will get from following proper strength training and healthy nutrition. Karen will tell you the facts about bodybuilding and not the hype.
But I'll tell you this, Karen is uniquely qualified to help you reach your fitness goals: She transformed her body and started to enter competitive bodybuilding contests.image of Iron Dolls bookcover for female bodybuilders
As you read this 400+ page ebook, you will find that your bodybuilding diet will be mostly from raw ingredients. Karen Sessions emphasizes on nutritional quality to get the best results. You will get muscle building tips that will give you the advantage over the average bodybuilders at the gym.
Reading this ebook, the detailed attention to every aspect of bodybuilding was immenent - from nutrition to resistance workouts. As you probably already know: Nutrition is the single most important factor for bodybuilding success. Having the proper nutrients to stimulate your growth hormones and making sure you get enough rest for muscle recovery will help you trmediously. Karen Sessions covers "natural supplements" that are effective and safe for assisting your growing muscles such as creatine, glutamine and protein powders.
I appreciated how Karen Sessons was able to cover each muscle group in-depth so you know exactly how to train for results. I found fascinating information about carb-cyling for fat loss when it is time to cut your muscles after bulking up.
Quite frankly, I learned a lot from Iron Dolls. With determination, hard work and with this ebook, any female that wants to get defined muscles and a sexy body will succeed beyond her wildest dreams! This book covers everything you will need to achieve this. How to properly train, to tax your muscles for growth and how to eat natural, quality foods to support your muscle gains.
The best part, in my opinion, is that you will become healthier and more self confident. Getting Karen Sessions book, Iron Dolls, can be one of the best investments that you will ever make for natural bodybuilding.
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This is Me... Karen Sessions and MY Body Transformation From Using "Iron Dolls - Female Bodybuilding Secrets"!

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